Centennial Apparel

Category: Apparel

Class: ARTG 151 Travel By Design (Centennial Branding)

Instructor: Candice Lopez and Sean Bacon

Deliverables: Apparel, headwear


In 2014, San Diego City College is celebrating its centennial and marked this milestone with a new identity and apparel. Designed to spark interest and awareness, a plethora of graphics were created for new apparel with school spirit. I led a team of student designers who wanted to appeal primarily to current students ages 18-30. A secondary design was directed toward staff and administration to get everyone on board with this celebration.

MiresBall provided us with a well-designed logo, and it was up to us to create graphics that our classmates would be proud to wear. Pulling inspiration from hard-hitting brands on the market we focused on creative placement, color combinations, and unique designs while staying within project parameters. Strategically categorizing our whole student body gave us the chance to design according to gender, club affiliations, sports teams and staff members alike. Brainstorming other applications led to headwear, which emphasized the Latino culture City College takes great pride in. The customized bills give an extra flare to the limited edition hats and ultimately boost school spirit.

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