Category: Branding, packaging

Class: ARTG 148B

Instructor: Candice Lopez and Sean Bacon

Deliverables: Logo, packaging, holster, display


Dokutoku is a kendama company, which harnesses the vibrancy of Japanese pop culture. The game itself tests hand-eye coordination, focus, patience and balance. The traditional skill toy is targeted towards 10 to 25-year old players of all skill levels. Crafted with the target audience in mind, there is a wide range of kendama’s to fit consumers needs and personality. The brand also has a leather belt holster to store each kendama, and a wall-mount display to hang beautiful collections. The name dokutoku translates to original, rare and characteristic, and these concepts embody the brand language. Each toy is hand painted and carefully crafted to ensure a fun and enduring experience for the user.

Influenced by Japanese fashion and entertainment, the energetic colors are hard to miss. The overall brand language combines of the lively nightlife scene and traditional reductive Japanese design. Condensed typography and the stacked logo reference to the verticality of Japanese writing styles kanji and kana. The pattern contains intricate line work and geometry that references Japanese design and the iconic rising sun. The form of the packaging, also vertical, represents a scroll holder, which reveals vivid patterning inside when the bellyband is removed. 

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