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Donovan Mansinon-Salazar Portfolio -

Half Nelson

Category: Environmental, layout

Class: ARTG 124 Page Layout

Instructor: Amy Becraft

Deliverables: Event poster, environmental graphics


The Half Nelson wrestling event brings awareness and raises funds for the charity Wiggle Your Toes foundation. The wrestling tournament honors Anthony Robles, an amputee born with only one leg, who never gave up and reached his goal by winning an NCAA Wrestling Championship. The Half Nelson tournament is open to any high school wrestling program that wants to support the cause and compete with the ultimate goal of having fun. A quarter of the proceeds is donated to the Wiggle Your Toes foundation providing prosthetics to those in need. The tournament is focused on the Greco-Roman style of wrestling, paying tribute to the ancient Greek Olympics.

I pulled heavy inspiration from ancient Greek pottery and the color palette consists of earthy orange and black with gold accents. Forcing connections, I fused crutches into an ionic column playing with the concept of the familiar in an unfamiliar setting. The squared geometric typography embodies the traditional Greek meander, a decorative border constructed from a single line representing a winding river. Inspired by early Greek and Roman art, friezes are implemented throughout the poster design. This brand language is applied to wrestling mats and judging tables, offering an updated twist to an iconic time period.

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