Ke’Aloha Hotel

Category: Identity, branding

Class: ARTG 133 Logo and Packaging

Instructor: Candice Lopez

Deliverables: Logo, stationery, hotel items


Ke’Aloha is a San Diego based Hawaiian themed hotel that brings the island experience to middle-class families seeking affordable adventure without hopping on a plane. Traditional carved wood and rattan furnishings, tropical flowers and thatched roof pavilions surround the pool and waterfalls. Hotel guests are encouraged to join family paddle out sessions with instructors for an authentic experience. Weekend’s feature traditional luaus on the beach where pigs are roasted over the umu, an underground fire pit, and entertainment includes hula and fire knife dancing.

The hotel’s brand language is inviting with family friendly typography and playful patterning. Flower petal motifs are applied to the descenders of the logo as a cultural reference. The inventive door hanger is crafted from natural wood fastened to braided strands of a grass skirt and seashells. A plumeria and starfish are fused to give flavor to the combination mark. Also included is a beach toy kit and tote for the keiki, or children, that speaks to the brand. Another feature of the hotel is the scavenger hunt that the keiki are encouraged to participate in. Tying the name into the culture and vibe of the hotel, is simply put Ke’Aloha- “the love.’


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