Kupono Surf Wax

Category: Branding, packaging, identity

Class: ARTG 133 Logo and Packaging

Instructor: Candice Lopez

Deliverables: Logo, packaging, rash guard, POP, wax comb, identity manual


Kupono is an all-natural surf company featuring traditional Hawaiian aumakua and Polynesian tribal symbols. Aumakua are spirit animals that reflect values like strength, security, and wisdom. Connecting to 15 to 30-year old male and female surfers seeking a deeper understanding of the wave riding culture. A set of surf wax targets yearlong riders who dare to explore many oceans and temperatures. Each wrapper reveals the unique history and symbolism of an animal totem. Wax is separately packaged by water type, and branded items include a rash guard for surf sessions and wood-hewn wax combs.

According to ancient Hawaiian history, surfers would tattoo the niho mano, or shark tooth, on their bodies to protect themselves from harm while out to sea. The simple, yet historical representations of triangles are boldly repeated on all applications. The earthy color palette conveys a vintage vibe with sepia-toned photography and shades of brown. The script logo nods to the undulation of waves and use of natural materials like wood reference the richness of surf traditions.


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