Limbo Music Festival 

Category: Branding, packaging, environmental

Class: ARTG 148C Process and Production

Instructor: Lisa Starace

Deliverables: Logo, merchandise, ephemera, environmental graphics


Limbo is a unique reggae music festival that focuses on both Jamaican and Rastafarian cultures. The event speaks to soulful reggae lovers with festival fever, ages 18 to 35. To highlight the evening of great entertainment a holographic representation of Bob Marley, the most famous Rastafarian, will rise and perform a collaborative set with The Wailers and other guest artists. Part of Rastafarian culture is their belief in “Life Everliving,” that the life they are currently living is the ideal state and that life with never have an end. This references back to the theory of limbo, described as a state between Heaven and Hell where souls await judgment.

The logo feels mysterious and ambiguous with hints to white noise. The same language is seen throughout the brand including festival wristbands, mobile app and the website. Other applications include festival necessities such as stage graphics, banners and flags. The color palette consists of black and deeper red, green and yellow playing off of traditional Rastafarian and Jamaican colors. Coachella 2012 inspired the hologram, with the genius idea of bringing hip-hop legend Tupac back to life to perform and interact with the crowd.  During Limbo, when Bob Marley hits the stage, fans will connect to the “Life Everliving.”

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