Optix Eyewear

Category: Branding, packaging

Class: ARTG 149 Studio Practices

Instructor: Candice Lopez and Sean Bacon

Deliverables: Logo, packaging, cloth, case, online component


Optix is a socially conscious eyewear brand for women. With each pair of frames purchased, another pair is donated to an individual in need. The target audience is forward thinking, stylish upper middle-income women 20-35 who want to make a difference. The buy one, gift one incentive engages customers in the cause by including a customized thank you note. The duotone ethnic packaging features a pattern representing the geographic region where the companion frames will be delivered.

The hand drawn brush script logo communicates the personality of the brand, while referencing the experience of giving back. A vibrant color palette of violet, sea foam green and coral orange, complements the duotone photography in a playful way. Simplicity and authenticity play a key role in this brand providing clarity about the market, positioning, value and competitive difference. The layout of the web component is reductive and sophisticated, to match the packaging. Other components include a beautifully patterned microfiber cleaning cloth and carrying case to reinforce the vision and value of the brand.

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